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Veterinary Surgery


The Emergency Service has a mission to provide veterinary care outside usual opening hours and clients from other clinics can be attended to aswell if their own clinic does not offer this service. In cases such as these, our team of veterinarians will contact your regular veterinarian and issue a corresponding report. Nexo Emergency Vets

Insurance for pets Nexo24

Thanks to Insurance Nexo 24, your pet will be attended to by a team of profesional veterinarians 24 hours 365 days a year.

Understand more about Insurance for Pets NEXO 24

Canine Residence

It is possible that you may think about travelling for vacation or for work and you are unable to take your pet with you or it requires special care after surgery and you, for work reasons are unable to provide it.


The Neurosurgery Veterinary Unit in the Nexo network is one of the most advanced nationwide with guaranteed results and the satisfaction of our clients.

Veterinary hospital

In certain occasions, it is likely that you cannot apply treatments needed for your pet at home, due to the severity of the illness or because they need constant veterinary supervision.

Veterinary health plans NEXOPLAN

Our Health Plans for pets look to preventing diseases in your dog or cat and extending their lifespan.  

Calculate in a simple and easy manner the NEXOPLAN Veterinary Health Plan and invest in the health of your pet.

Financing of Veterinary treatments

The NEXO veterinary centres finance all of the veterinary treatments with unbeatable conditions. Thus the economic cost will never be a barrier in giving the best care to your pet.

Traumatology and orthopedics

Nexo veterinary centers have the best team of veterinary orthopedic surgeons led by Dr. Toni Navarro, backed up by the most recognized organizations at a national level. Likewise, we have available an Arthroscopy service which shortens patient recovery time and costs of hospitalization.

Canine grooming

All of our veterinary centres offer a dog grooming service experienced in the needs of each breed and species.

Other Nexo veterinary services


Veterinary consultations

We know that you care for and worry about your pet , therefore, in all of our clinics we have teams of veterinaries and auxiliaries ready to listen to you and to offer the best solution regarding any incident that may happen to your pet.

Veterinary Surgery

In our centres we carry out all types of veterinary surgery, always under the same parameters of quality and safety. Our objectives are aimed to minimize the situation of stress and postoperative pain to your pet and to calm the owners anxiety.

Acupuncture / homeopathy

Some of the NEXO centres have an Alternative Medicine Unit available.

Specialty pet shop

Our aim is the complete satisfaction of our clients and, saying that, it is essential to not only meet and understand your needs, but also, to give good advice as to the choice of product for your pet and its correct use.


Our education service enters within our global commitment for Prevention from the first weeks of your pets life. Good teaching of our puppy guarantees not only its health but also its happiness and enjoyment in the relationship between the owner and pet.

Responsible for adoptions

Nexo centres manage and provide hundreds of responsible adoptions throughout the year because they work in collaboration with some rescue and protection charities. We also have special services and rates adapted for those who choose to incorporate an abandoned animal into their family.

Diagnostic Imaging

These type of diagnostic techniques help ensure fast, accurate diagnosis and are non-invasive to your pets pathologies.

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