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Purchases and refunds policy

Information regarding the policy of purchases and refunds of NexoPlan

The party contracting the prevention plan, has the right to not formalize it once it has been requested and the documentation received within a maximum period of 7 working days from receipt of all documentation, without having to justify their decision and without penalties, leaving without effect from the same day of their application. Also the contracting party of the prevention plan will cover shipping costs paid for by NEXO CENTROS VETERINARIOS, S.L. which may be deducted from the refund, on return, together with the administration cost valued at €25 VAT included.

The contract of a prevention plan requested through the web enters into force from the day after your application or if it is a of a subscription type, from the selected day.

From the moment of applying for the application of a contract, NEXO CENTROS VETERINARIOS, S.L., will contact the Nexo clinic chosen by the client to develop preventive actions provided for in the service.

The amount that the contractor of the prevention plan accepts with the subscribed conditions, includes the total cost of the prevention plan with taxes included.

The party contracting the prevention plan will be responsible for providing true and lawful information for the contracting of the prevention plan, promising to make diligent and confidential use of the same. Also the contracting party undertakes to use appropriate and adjusted right to the content and services provided through the web.

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