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Profitable Nexo franchises

"Nexo franchises are a safe, guaranteed and profitable investment for the present and the future"

Why is Nexo a profitable franchise?

In the Nexo veterinary franchises, clients have complete security that their pets will be in the best hands, every day increasing the degree of confidence and satisfaction in our franchise. The secret? We promote the creation of a bond between the professional veterinarian, the owners and their pets.



the Nexo veterinary franchise is a safe investment

Nexo, a safe investment

100% of franchise contracts are renewed automatically by both parties. This reveals the high degree of satisfaction from our franchisees. Also each franchise has an area of exclusivity which does not allow the opening of any other Nexo centres within the same area. See our brochure for more details.

Nexo veterinary franchise is a guarantee for the investor

Nexo, a guaranteed investment

All the procedures offered by the Nexo veterinary franchise are of proven success. Therefore, with a little work and constancy it will not be difficult to adapt for your own development as a veterinarian and your clinic. You set your own limits. You can see the key to the success of our franchisees in our franchise dossier.

Nexo franchises are profitable for the investor

Nexo, a profitable investment

The model of veterinary Centre that Nexo offers you is very simple: A comprehensive prevention-based veterinary clinic and surgery as a solid base complemented with other lines of revenue such as a shop and grooming. You can retrieve your initial investment within 3 and a half years thanks to our system of cross-selling between the different services and products in the clinic. Check costs and profitability in our dossier.

Nexo is a veterinary franchise with a present and a future

Nexo, an investment for the present and the future

The latest data reveals that in the United Kingdom , 22% of veterinary clinics operate within a network sharing procedures, purchases and brands. In only 4 years this percentage has been doubled and suggests that in Spain this is now the trend. Actually, it not only began with the integration of many of our suppliers but also from many of our customers within online platforms. Read additional information in our Nexo franchise dossier.




Franchise dossier

Nexo Veterinarians franchise dossier

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