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Advantages of joining Nexo

Discover the advantages of joining a company with more than 25 years of experience


More than 25 years in this sector provide an experience and “know how” which is difficult to beat in both aspects, such as the management of a veterinary centre and as a company providing a service. This gives you all this experience at your service from day one.


The way of buying together from one supplier, with just one click from our computer system and negotiating purchases as one, generates an average savings for the franchisee of around 20%. This saves time and means you avoid negotiating with suppliers and multiple visits from reps trying to sell you their products.


We have worked with this system in our own clinics and hospitals since the year 2000 and we are the pioneers in Spain. In 2014 Nexo centres billed 25% more on prevention thanks to the new product Nexoplan 25 Life. Now, at last, it is fashionable to implement prevention plans in the day to day life in a veterinary clinic, and Nexo have made it easier.


It enables veterinarians to share experiences and solve all types of problems with other colleagues, some of them are accredited specialists. This gives you very high value on tranquility and quality diagnostics plus effective treatments.


Nexo Works with you in finding the correct location of the premises, its distribution plans and sorting out all of administrative license procedures, which generally can be a nightmare for the veterinarian starting out. Nexo gives you all the necessary training and is by your side not only up to the opening of your clinic but also afterwards.


Spanish families spend on average €1500 per year on their pets, and our industry is one that has best withstood the recession since 2007. Therefore, it is a sector with strong growth and great expectations. Nexo offers its customers a proposition of comprehensive value based on clinic, shop and grooming in a completely different way.


It is now the time to change the way of doing things if you want to achieve different results to those that you've had so far. Nexo provides you a differentiation with respect to your direct competition and to perhaps veterinary protocols and management: Nexo provides you with a procedures manual that you can always refer to regarding any doubts. You can always count on the support of the head office to convey any of your concerns.


Nexo is responsible for carry out campaigns aimed at the end customer and bringing customers to your centre. Likewise, developing new services and products based on the needs of your pet owners.


Nexo has grown dramatically in the share market and in the last year, with its own brand of products. The key to success has been listening daily to the needs and concerns of our franchisees.


With Nexo you can finance treatments, diagnostics and surgery for your clients through a management system that will not take you more than 10 minutes.


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