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About us?

Nexo Veterinary Centers is a network of centers consisting of more than 25 clinics and hospitals. Currently the Nexo Veterinary team consists of over 100 professionals including veterinarians and assistants. Nexo was founded in 2005 by veterinarians who shared the same way of working in veterinary medicine.

Our philosophy is based on prevention, with the clear aim of ensuring the health of your pet, thus making the relationship between the animal and its owner is more prolonged in time. The quality, effectiveness and consistency of the veterinary service is our main challenge in the day.

One of our goals is to strengthen the link between veterinarians, owners and pets.

From my usual Veterinary Center Nexo can I access all Nexo Network services?

Yes, in fact that's one of the great advantage of being part of a veterinary centers network. If you need a service that your nearest Nexo Center can not offer, your trusted veterinarian will facilitate an appointment to be addressed as soon as possible in another center Nexo Network, with the additional advantage that the vet will know at all time your pet history visits thanks to our computer system data.

Where can I find my nearest Nexo Veterinary Center?

For information you can call our customer service number 902 026 022 or on our website, in the section Nexo Clinics.



How do I know that the services given at another Nexo center are equal and they will treat me the same as in my as usual Nexo clinic?

Nexo veterinary clinics have working groups in charge of approving all veterinary services offered in the Nexo's Centers Network, in order to comply with the minimum requirements for quality and performance.


What does a Nexo clinic give me that is different from other veterinary clinics?

In any of our veterinary clinics, in addition to the best team of professionals dedicated to cure and prevent disease in your pet, you can always find unique services and products you will not find in any other veterinary clinic, in particular, the exclusive plans veterinary health Nexoplan©, or our pet insurance Nexo24© and NexoFinanciación, which allows pay for veterinary treatment in comfortable monthly installments.

On the other hand we understand that our teams of professionals are trained to understand all your needs, and assist you and your pet friendly, warm service and with proven clinical efficacy.


If I am in another city, can I go to another Nexo vet center with my pet to continue the visits?

Yes. Arranged visits can be performed at another Nexo Center with the same quality of service, and in addition, Nexo clinics have a unique computer system in the veterinary field in Spain that allows, wherever you are, access to the medical history of your pet, so the advantages of the network of clinics Nexo clinics are expanded geographically.

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