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¿Why is a preventive program necessary, if my pet is healthy and never becomes ill?

They could be ill but with no apparent symptoms. In addition animals genetically do not complain, as it implies a social degradation.

There are diseases that can appear in a sporadic way and with fatal consequences for your pet. The only way to minimize the risk is by preventing or detecting these diseases before the first symptoms appear.

¿My cat never goes out of the house, so it is rare that is gets sick, so why do I need a preventive program?

There are diseases (viruses, bacterias, parasites) that are transmitted to our pets through us. In addition, there are other problems, which are not due to infection, such as behavioral problems, nutritional, hormonal, cancer and degenerative. Also the plan is personalized and we will only consider what is beneficial to you and your pet.

¿My pet had some tests done not long ago, what difference is there with those done at Nexo?

Not all tests are done for the same thing. For example if we want to know if your pet is suffering from diabetes we would do a glucose test, but if we want to know if it is suffering from intestinal parasites we would test the stool under a microscope. We only carry out the tests that we think are necessary in order to prevent diseases effectively.

Also, so you know, all the tests we do are harmless, at most a small needle prick.

¿My pet is old, how will the preventive plan benefit him?

Precisely, at advanced ages, animals can suffer from degenerative processes with pain and suffering. These plans reduce that pain and provide a better quality of life.


Preventive programs are always really expensive.

We will adjust the plan to suit your needs and propose a reasonable monthly fixed fee to you. You will also be entitled to additional discounts on the rest of our services and off products in our shop.


If I change address frequently, can I take out a preventive program?

We would work out a program adjusted for those months. If you move before completing it, we will refund the pending amount. Also if you move to an area where we have similar services, you could keep the same plan. We have a network all over Spain.


¿What happens if my dog dies during the preventive program?

We would also refund the money for the services not used, if you have another pet we could adapt the plan to the new pet.


If health cannot be guaranteed totally what benefit does having a preventive program give me?

With our prevention plans, what we intend in doing is reducing the risk of disease, therefore reducing the suffering of your pet and reducing costs for you.


Will my pet live longer because it is on a preventive program?

Recent studies show that an animal with a suitable preventive program can lengthen its life by 25% as well as having a better quality of life and less suffering.


Are the discounts on the preventive programs applicable in other Nexo centres?

All the conditions that apply in the clinic where you have contracted your prevention program are extensible to any other Nexo centre.

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