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Veterinary Health Plans NexoPlan

Our team of veterinarians, using the most modern technology, have designed a preventive health plan for cats and dogs, in order to ensure the health of your pet. The activities developed by Nexo Veterinarians constitute a real Health Plan for pets, which we have named Nexoplan®.


The Veterinary Health Plans Nexoplan®, are exclusive to the Nexo network and have been studied and perfected over a number of years in our centres. For this reason, we can affirm that applying preventive medicine is effective, our pets live a happier life for longer, resulting in enjoying a life of up to 25% longer, according to recent studies.

Nexoplan also includes very advantageous economic conditions for all of the services.

Advantages of the Nexoplan Health Plans

  • Plans adapted to the age, breed and needs of your dog or cat. 
  • Specific service depending on the desired level of prevention.
  • Early diagnosis of the most common diseases.
  • Peace of mind knowing your pet is under sanitary control.
  • Reduced monthly fixed fee.
  • Expansion of services: sterilization, antiparasitic, feeding, etc, can be included in the Nexoplan.
  • Lengthen the life of your pet.
  • Important discounts in the rest of the clinical services and products purchased from the shop.

Types of Veterinary Health Plans

We have developed two types of Nexoplan according to the preventive needs of your dog or cat.

Nexoplan MINI

Basic Nexoplan offers you the necessary minimum services, for those who know that prevention is the first step to avoiding greater evils.

Nexoplan + 25 LIFE

Nexoplan: It is a unique and exclusive Prevention Plan in the veterinary sector. With it you are assured of the best veterianry attention for your pet based on periodic check-ups with complete and innovative diagnostic tests.

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